The aviation industry is entering a major period of business transformation. As a result of successful trials and pilots at multiple Airports, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has encouraged airports and airlines to start the widespread adoption of digital identity verification through the use of biometrics as a means to improve border and passenger security, as well as improve the passenger experience. The biometric verification will not only alter how CBP operates within the FIS but may also be utilized as a technology for Airlines to facilitate passenger boarding. Recent trials at LAX have seen A380 boarding times reduced from an average of 45 minutes down to just 25 minutes1. Use of biometrics by airports, airlines, and passengers will improve:

  1. Reliable and robust security measures
  2. Passenger authentication accuracy
  3. Passenger processing speed

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is recognizing the value of this new technology and is moving forward with plans to join the CBP in their support and implementation of biometrics. With study-based error rates reaching 14%2 for traditional ID matching, it is no surprise that the biometric industry is expected to grow more than 20% per year3. With airport and airline ownership of the majority of systems at exit points, CBP is encouraging operators to commit to these areas before they implement within FIS/entry.

Don’t get left behind on this evolving trend in biometric passenger authentication!

Start today by exploring ways you can prepare for this inevitable change from both operational and technology perspectives.  Drawing on a wealth of experience working with governmental agencies and Aviation industry organizations, along with subject matter expertise in a variety of current technologies and integration models, Faith Group is primed to help aviation clients, from concept to deployment, as they progress through the process of adopting these valuable biometric solutions.

1 Open Identity Exchange Workshop 11 June 2018, “Biometric Boarding Using Identity as a Service: The potential Impact on liability in the aviation industry”

2 “Passport Officers Errors in Face Matching”

3 Acuity Market Intelligence Report “The Airport Automated Biometric Facilitation Report: From Curb to Gate”