State _ Local Government Market

State and local governments play a vital role in creating the fabric of our communities and improving the quality of life of its citizens. We work with government agencies to modernize infrastructure, ensure safe and secure facilities, and optimize delivery of services to communities.

Our Focus

City, county, and state governments provide citizens, residents, and visitors with public services and community amenities ranging from well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and public open space to clean drinking water, affordable power, fair criminal justice systems, quality education, safe transportation systems, access to affordable housing, and much more. These essential basic services must be maintained and available to all residents. Faith Group works with agencies to remain fully operational through a focus on projects that increase efficiency and ensure building systems are both secure and resilient through innovative planning. We provide the best solution for each facility to optimize existing resources and infrastructure.

Agencies are often located within iconic, historic buildings– sometimes listed on a city, state, or national historic registry– and are a long-standing part of the community’s urban fabric. When renovating and modernizing the technology and building systems within these historic structures, we take care to preserve the architectural character that makes these buildings beloved by those who use them. Faith Group understands special considerations for planning and designing systems within historic buildings, including the types of products used, methods of installation, and desire to ensure newer technology and systems are built into the overall aesthetic.

Another governmental trend involves smart cities that use technology to collect data that improves the efficiency and quality of its services and resources. Using interconnected and integrated systems, a smart city can enhance its understanding and situational awareness to improve operations and optimize resources while creating more accessible, sustainable, and responsive urban environments. Faith Group is a leader in the planning and design of smart city technology deployments from advanced video analytics and 5G networks to smart devices and intuitive digital wayfinding, along with the systems and infrastructure to support these initiatives. Our expertise with future-forward technology and the infrastructure needed to maximize the effectiveness of state and local government agencies is critical to meet the complex needs of citizens, residents, and visitors.

Industry Capabilities:

  • Fire & Police
  • Court & Justice Centers
  • Utilities
  • Administration
  • Community & Convention Centers
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Public Schools
  • Operations Centers
  • Libraries
  • Ports