Commercial Market

Commercial buildings and corporate campuses are business-focused undertakings. Private developers and businesses seek to create buildings that are desirable to commercial tenants for offices, professional services, and retail, to guarantee a return on investment and a positive pro forma. Faith Group creates private-sector value by designing building systems that are efficient and cost effective. Our goal is to find solutions that balance capital investment with lifecycle operations and maintenance costs.

Our Focus

Of parallel importance to commercial entities is the creation of a safe and secure work environment for businesses to operate, employees to work, and customers to visit. With decades of safety and security consulting expertise, Faith Group has the skillsets and capabilities to provide the private sector with a range of solutions tailored to address the level of security appropriate for the building’s location, type, occupants, and use.

We understand that companies need to scale their businesses easily and quickly, and we work to provide standardization and automation so companies can expand without having disparate campuses, buildings, and systems. These expansions require tight schedules. We use our small firm flexibility to help clients get their facility’s systems up and running to capture and realize revenue faster, provide services quicker, and to reach broader populations.

We care about designing building systems and technology for efficient operation by focusing on reducing energy consumption and total cost of ownership. Faith Group integrates design strategies that consider long-term results to create a better future.

Industry Capabilities

  • Hyperscale Data Centers
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Corporate Campus
  • Manufacturing, Warehouse & Industrial
  • Nonprofit
  • Mixed-Use