As a Commissioning Authority, Faith Group is a trusted partner dedicated to incorporating your vision and expectations into the building systems. We work on our client’s behalf to not only verify that the equipment and systems work as promised but also to ensure that every aspect of their project vision is met in planning and design through implementation and system activation. We focus on maximizing the value of your project investment and managing risks, so that your building can have the greatest impact on your business and the community it serves.

Our Focus

As a full-service technology and engineering firm, Faith Group recommends early involvement of the Commissioning (Cx) Authority, starting as early as the project’s master planning stage. While most Cx providers simply perform testing and sign off that everything is working the way it was designed, Faith Group takes a much broader approach. We work with the planning team to help develop initial requirements, capture the Owner’s vision and goals for both community impact and project performance, and then put in place a system of checks and balances so the Owner’s objectives are top of mind during all project phases. We develop a living Cx plan that lays out the groundwork for ensuring proper procedures are in place to both quantify and qualify the client’s project vision, and where applicable create a predictable LEED or Envision certification outcome.


Having functioned at every level of a project – as program managers, construction managers, designers, engineers, owner’s reps, consultants, researchers, and integrators – these perspectives raise our effectiveness as the Cx and allow us to bridge gaps in understanding between stakeholders and reduce project risks for all. We work with all interested parties from the design & construction teams and engineers to the Owner and their O&M staff. Our staff understands how to marry budgets and project requirements so that vision is translated into built reality, which ultimately sets your project team up for success.


With constant releases of new equipment, building systems can quickly become out-of-date. We help clients stay ahead of the curve by developing plans for ongoing Cx and continuous improvement, along with implementing measurement and verification software. Faith Group also ensures that the O&M team has the proper training on the systems and software so they can analyze trends and quickly address issues as they emerge to minimize future risks. As a precursor to staff training, every Cx project performed by Faith Group includes Owner staff walkthroughs, giving O&M staff “behind the scenes” insight into the facility they will ultimately operate. As a result, they are prepared to attend training with robust facility knowledge and questions they need answered to ensure training is not just thorough and valuable to their operational roles and responsibilities but also personally meaningful. This helps Owners to protect their investments and allows the O&M staff to be proactive, which can ultimately extend the useful life of the building systems.


  • Total Building Commissioning
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning
  • Web-Based Monitoring Dashboard
  • Maint. Planning & Ops Training
  • System Integration
  • Autonomy & Automation
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Performance
  • Energy Modeling
  • LEED Consulting
  • ORAT Support
  • Activation & Simulation
  • Retro-Commissioning



  • MEP/FP
  • Building Envelope
  • Building Management & Automation
  • Technology
  • Life Safety
  • Security
  • Network & IT Infrastructure
  • Audiovisual
  • Clinical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratory