Transit _ Rail Market

Mass transit creates community and access to economic opportunities. Cities thrive when a multi-modal transportation system is available to connect people to places, jobs, goods, and services. We work with transit and rail agencies to create attractive mass transit options through technology solutions that transform the ridership experience and increase safety and security by implementing a smart and sustainable transit environment.

Our Focus

In recent years, public transit has been challenged by the competition introduced by ride app services, as well as the expectation of smart facilities and a rise of non-transit users occupying stations, bus stops, and other facilities. To preserve and increase ridership, transit agencies are modernizing dated stations and buildings with smart technologies to improve passenger and employee experience in ways that are environmentally friendly with a focus on sustainability. Faith Group is leading the way in this new era of public transportation with the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, advanced video surveillance and analytics, digital and interactive signage, Wi-Fi and charging stations, and 5G communications to create smart, connected communities and a transportation environment that can be monitored from an intelligent hub. The optimal ridership experience can be achieved where safe and secure travel meets exceptional passenger service.

We plan and design transportation systems and infrastructure projects with forethought in future needs, growth, and expansion. Our strategy focuses on an agency’s short- and long-term goals and service objectives. We provide transit agencies with IT, security, and utility master planning to ensure an institutional understanding of the systems’ useful life and forecast for timely upgrades and/or replacement. We also recommend that agencies have infrastructure in place for projects that are on the long-term horizon. Another consideration of the planning process is cybersecurity. The introduction of new technology systems and additional connectivity and integration introduces new threats and vulnerabilities. Faith Group has in-house network and cybersecurity subject matter experts to assess, identify, and mitigate vulnerabilities to protect the transit agency’s assets, facilities, and people from both inside and outside threats, while meeting federally mandated Security Directives.

Often, public transit funding and resources are limited, and even operations and maintenance budgets can be strained. Understanding these realities, Faith Group places a high priority and consideration on the return on investment when deploying new transportation systems and technologies. Faith Group develops plans that repurpose and reuse systems and infrastructure where appropriate, looks for new opportunities for technology as revenue generation, and develops multiple value-added use cases. As consultants, we work hand-in-hand with transit staff so agencies have access to technical subject matter expertise that can be leveraged for specialized projects, planning, and decision-making.

Industry Capabilities

  • Multi-Modal Environments
  • Smart Transit Facilities, Stations, & Shelters
  • On-Vehicle Solutions
  • First and Last Block Technologies
  • Administrative & Support Buildings