Education Market

Today’s educational environment is constantly transforming. From virtual classrooms to interactive workshops and digitally immersive learning, 21st century learners now take an active role in their own educational path and experience. We provide innovative and practical solutions that help students and faculty of all backgrounds harness their full potential and thrive in the digital age. Faith Group matches the right solutions and infrastructure with students and their instructors to empower organizations to build educational systems that support long-term goals.

Our Focus

We understand how educational institutions operate, from their high-level business needs and goals to how we can best help their students and faculty achieve success. Educators are challenged to grow and expand their campuses and often find themselves handicapped by outdated or disparate systems. We recognize the importance for technology systems and solutions to be standardized across buildings and campuses, and work proactively with clients to understand existing conditions, operational challenges, and capital improvement programs to drive consistency into design. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders to plan, design, deliver, and commission projects that help education clients achieve their vision.

Faith Group designs systems for a variety of learning environments from early childhood education and K-12 to community colleges and universities. The lifecycle of these technology and security systems requires continuous attention to plan, design, construct, operate, maintain, and update. We appreciate that education and campus resources are typically dedicated to managing these systems with a significant focus on operations and maintenance. We serve as a knowledgeable and flexible consultant partner to provide support and supplemental technical expertise for specific projects, planning, and decision-making. We excel as an extension of staff to bridge the gap between stakeholder needs, project deployment, and student experience, bringing the vision and requirements to life to create a dynamic and safe learning environment.

With a full-service MEP engineering group, Faith Group has the breadth of staff capability and expertise to support any education project or campus building system program. Whether you need to replace a chiller plant, deploy a state-of-the-art audiovisual conferencing system, or need integrated OneCard badging, we have all your system needs under one roof. Our staff stay on top of the latest technological advancements and skillfully develop change management, concept of operations, and policies and procedures that must be in place so clients can seamlessly adopt new technology. We also have certified experts in LEED and energy management to keep technology resiliency and system sustainability top of mind to help you achieve your goals.

Industry Capabilities

  • User Journey Planning & Design
  • Classroom Buildings & Lecture Halls
  • Offices & Faculty Support Spaces
  • Student & Alumni Housing
  • Campus Police & Dispatch
  • Badging/OneCard Offices & Operations
  • eSports Facilities
  • Dining & Lounge Facilities
  • Stadiums & Training Facilities
  • Auditoriums & Theaters
  • Libraries & Museums
  • Trade Shops
  • Conference Centers & Ballrooms
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Laboratories & Research Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Parking Garages