The drive to “connect” every device – often on converged network infrastructure – has increased the importance of cybersecurity considerations and risk mitigation. This ever-growing trend is projected to have 30.9 billion devices connected by 2025. Our security consultants and technology designers deliver secure technology solutions and services that create and maintain a proactive, healthy cybersecurity posture.

Our Focus

Considering the growing trend of IoT devices that is driving big data, along with vulnerable Operational Technology (OT) endpoints, clients need to secure all systems and the applications they use based on a prioritized risk avoidance. With the average single data breach cost exceeding $3.5M in 2020, the risk to the financial and operational health of a business has never been greater. Faith Group evaluates these end points and their characteristics with a deep understanding of how they are converged or segmented on a network. We guide our clients to a tailored system architecture, based on the highest level of certified subject matter expertise, paired with our knowledge of current industry-specific regulations, directives, and framework models.


Faith Group understands the potential consequences that could be caused by successful threat vectors to our critical infrastructure clients, from their operations to their unique technological environments. We tailor our approach directly to the client’s circumstances, their business goals and objectives, user-base, and operational landscape, as well as industry best practices and regulations. Our staff uses automated tools, workshops, and interviews to develop comprehensive plans that meet some of the most strict and regulated environments, such as DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).


More than just a cybersecurity firm, Faith Group is a full-service consulting, design, and engineering firm, with expertise spanning the deployment of a multitude of existing and emerging technologies and solutions. We have an in-house Test Lab where we test equipment as well as cyber-specific integrated technologies for our clients. We deliver a full suite of cybersecurity offerings including penetration testing, scenario trials, consulting and design for zero-trust architecture, vulnerability analysis for cloud/hybrid architecture, and additional knowledge of the complete Software Development Lifecycle. The results of Faith Group’s consulting are short- and long-term strategies that culminate in actionable and executable roadmaps to enable rapid response and adoption, focused on assessing and mitigating cybersecurity risks.


  • Strategic Planning & Roadmaps
  • Policy, Procedure, and Program Development
  • Staff Analysis & Augmentation (vCISO)
  • Maturity Planning
  • TSA Directive Compliance and Remediation Consultation
  • Framework & Compliance Evaluation (CIS, NIST, ITIL, ISO, PCI, CSF)
  • Conceptual & Solution Based Analysis and Consultation
  • Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Scanning, and Mitigation Recommendations
  • Critical Infrastructure Guidance & Consultation
  • Network & Security Operations Center Planning and Operations (Continuous Monitoring)
  • Vendor Demonstrations, Pilot Programs, and Comparative Analysis
  • Training & Awareness Program Development
  • Incident Response & Recovery Planning