As a complex interconnected system of hospitals, clinics, providers, and agencies, healthcare organizations rely on their systems to provide equitable, quality, patient-centered care. We provide solutions that help care providers streamline tasks, reduce errors, improve communication and coordination, enhance patient monitoring, secure data and privacy, and ultimately promote positive patient outcomes and overall population well-being.

Our Focus

Our work starts at the visioning stage, working with the client and architect to balance expectations with budget. We work closely with stakeholders to match technology to use cases and ensure MEP/FP systems culminate in a clean and comfortable environment that ultimately reduces patient stays and promotes healing. For the facilities themselves, we bring energy strategies to the table for co-generation, thermal energy storage and sharing, central plant design, building electrification, and LEED to optimize and efficiently run operations and improve maintenance. With our early involvement, we bring an engaging holistic approach to the program, from the planning stage through enhanced commissioning and acceptance. We incorporate technology and systems into the program definition to lay the foundation for the design, and then work as the master systems integrator (MSI) program manager and commissioning authority to ensure all systems and equipment are integrated per the design criteria and meet expectations.

As home-based care and artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in healthcare, cutting-edge technology and infrastructure are needed to provide the same level of patient comfort and care. We utilize our in-house test lab to develop and validate these use cases to drive innovation and flexibility in building systems, as well as various specialty and clinical systems.

With the ever-increasing risk of vulnerabilities such as compromised patient data and internet of things (IoT), robust security measures are a priority within the healthcare system. From secure access controls and surveillance systems to encrypted data storage and secure networks, healthcare facilities must stay ahead of persistent physical and cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity controls must now be a consideration for every technology and MEP/FP system within a facility. We work to develop a comprehensive security infrastructure environment that protects sensitive information and ensures the privacy and safety of patients, staff, and visitors, paired with regular audits to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Industry Capabilities

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Integrated OR Suites
  • Administrative & Medical Office Buildings
  • Laboratory & Research Facilities
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) Facilities
  • Military Medical Facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Behavioral & Mental Health Facilities
  • Data & Command Centers
  • Central Utility Plant
  • Parking Garages