The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rulemaking in Part 139 Safety Management Systems (SMS) builds upon the aviation industry’s trend toward an enterprise-wide safety culture and risk management approach. Our safety experts view safety proactively and start with building a strong safety culture. We provide airports with the knowledge, processes, procedures, and training to manage safety programs and achieve regulatory compliance, integrating SMS into enterprise-wide risk management.

Our Focus

Faith Group’s team of Safety experts are considered industry leaders, having worked with hundreds of airport clients, starting with the first FAA SMS Pilot Programs in 2008. Our staff has also authored numerous Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Reports that are the standard for Safety Risk Management (SRM), emergency response, National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System (ICS), operations centers, operational and safety data, and other related topics. As a complement to our extensive knowledge, Faith Group’s staff has served in airport leadership roles in Operations, Communications, Management, Air Service and Dispatch, Maintenance, Planning, Engineering, Community Relations, Security, Customer Service, and Emergency Response. Our real-world airport management experience means we understand how airports operate, at every level, so you can be sure your Safety Program is tailored to your specific airport and governance needs.


Whether safety services are required for FAA compliance or are in service of a broader airport safety initiative, Faith Group’s wide range of services help clients develop, facilitate, and implement a safety program and culture. From full SMS programs to Safety Risk Assessments (SRA), Safety Risk Management (SRM) Panels, and preventative maintenance and audits, we help clients identify and manage safety risks to the airport and its tenants and passengers, as well as develop policies and procedures for addressing safety concerns.


Data is at the center of every safety program. We understand that part of the operators’ comprehensive plan for managing risks is implementing a system that collects, analyzes, and manages safety and operational data. Faith Group has in-house IT expertise to procure the necessary software and assist with its implementation throughout the organization, along with integrating related systems such as preventative maintenance and Part 139, to create a system that ties all critical data together that allows airports to proactively reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents.


  • SMS Manual Development
  • SMS Implementation Plan
  • SRA / SRM Panel Facilitation and Documentation
  • SRM Training
  • Hazard Identification Training
  • Post-Incident and Accident Root Cause Analysis
  • Software and Database Procurement
  • SMS Audit
  • SMS Training Development and Conduct


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100+Safety Risk Assessments & Management Panels

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