Faith Group is thrilled to share our experience at Cisco Live!, the renowned five-day Information Technology convention hosted by Cisco Systems. This year, Faith Group had the privilege of sending three members of our IT staff, Hassan Chalabi, AJ Silva, and Will Lunsford to the U.S. based convention held June 4-8, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Convention was a remarkable showcase of cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking innovations in networking, security, collaboration, and beyond. During the Convention, our IT staff learned about new and evolving developments that are revolutionizing the IT landscape, which we have shared below.  

Cisco Networking Cloud 

With simplification at its core, the Cisco Networking Cloud is a groundbreaking platform that offers a unified experience for seamlessly managing various networking domains. By eliminating silos and proactively managing the network, the Cisco Networking Cloud reduces human workload and ensures optimum performance. 

Cisco Security Enhancements 

Cisco unveiled several notable enhancements in the realm of security at the convention. Among them, the new Cisco Secure Access, a security service edge (SSE) solution providing frictionless access, a way to permit access to an area without interfering with the user’s experience, across different locations, devices, and applications through a single platform. Accompanying this innovation is the Secure Firewall 4200 and Cisco Multicloud Defense, which delivers uninterrupted connected experiences whether in the office or on the road, offering robust security measures for diverse environments. 

Cloud Native Application Security 

To address the evolving needs of today’s distributed, multicloud environments, Cisco introduced enhanced capabilities for Panoptica. These advancements enable comprehensive cloud-native application lifecycle protection, covering every stage from code through development and production runtime.  

Full-Stack Observability (FSO) 

Another groundbreaking announcement made at Cisco Live! was the general availability of its FSO Platform. This platform empowers customers to develop and grow robust application ecosystems built on an open and extensible architecture. With FSO, organizations gain access to new and unique use cases within a single consumption model. Moreover, the integration between AppDynamics and ThousandEyes allows for powerful customer digital experience monitoring, providing rapid and actionable recommendations and valuable insights for closing observability gaps. 

Generative AI-powered Security and Hybrid Work Capabilities 

Recognizing the growing significance of artificial intelligence in the realm of collaboration and security, Cisco showcased its generative AI capabilities. In Webex, Cisco’s generative AI-powered summarization capabilities enhance productivity and elevate the customer experience. Additionally, Cisco Security Cloud leverages AI to simplify policy management, improve threat response, and remove complexity. Supporting the advancement of AI in hybrid workspaces, Cisco introduced Room Bar Pro, an intelligent audiovisual bar for meetings, with a powerful processor that can be deployed across commonly used workspaces, enabling organizations to leverage the benefits of AI-infused video capabilities. 

Enabling Communications for Record-Breaking Autonomous Vehicles 

One of the many highlights at Cisco Live! was learning about how they played a crucial role in enabling communications for the fastest Autonomous Land Speed vehicle, the Dallara AV-21 Autonomous Indy Light. With inner workings including 40 Gb capable IE Hardened Switches, FM-4500 High Performance Mobility Communications Radios, 3 LiDARs, 2 medium-ranged RADARs, 2 scanning RADARS, 6 HD cameras, and 4 High Precision GNSS sensors, and 1 industrial compute platform, Cisco’s technology facilitated the record-setting achievement of 192.2 mph.  

Overlapping Wi-Fi 6/6E Technologies with 5G Solutions 

The Convention provided invaluable insights into the convergence of Wi-Fi 6/6E technologies and 5G Pico, Micro, and Macro solutions. The convention explored the proper identification of wireless spectrums required to satisfy the needs of different sized operational use-cases and discussed licensing processes, specifically in cases where they are not available for open regulatory use. Additionally, discussions revolved around identifying partner radio vendors that support specific spectrum brands, paving the way for seamless integration and enhanced connectivity. 

The Future of Smart Buildings with Cisco Switches 

Smart buildings are revolutionizing the way we live and work. At Cisco Live!, our IT staff discovered how Cisco switches are providing 90W Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to a wide range of new devices within smart buildings. From PoE video displays at desks to daisy-chaining building lighting, controls for shades and shutters, and HVAC variable air valves, Cisco’s innovative solutions are driving the next generation of intelligent buildings. 

Unlocking the Potential of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Tools 

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tools are gaining prominence in the IT world, and Cisco Live! shed light on their purpose and significance. IAC starts with the development of Source Control Management (SCM) tool code for configuring devices. They then automate pipelines to the related infrastructure equipment (Cisco Devices), ensuring changes in SCM code are identified. Execution software, such as Ansible or Terraform, is used to automate pipelines pushes, enabling acceptance of equipment reconfigurations based on updated SCM code. IAC tools are revolutionizing IT operations by streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. 

Cisco Solutions Solving IT Use-Cases in Mass Transit 

The Convention also explored the ways in which Cisco solutions are addressing IT challenges in mass transit. The example they gave was turning buses into networks on wheels. From LTE-5G gateways and Wi-Fi gateways (for passengers and yard parking/data offloading) to RFID for passenger counts and mobile data terminals, Cisco’s technology is driving connectivity and efficiency in the transportation sector. Additionally, mobile radio solutions facilitate voice dispatch and vehicle sensor integration, making bus operations smoother and more effective. 

The Future of Cisco Holographic Webex Meeting Technology 

Live calls with someone in remote locations just became more interactive with the announcement of Cisco Holographic Webex Meeting Technology. The holographic conference calls are an emerging technology that use VR and AR headsets such as Meta Quest Pro, Pico 4, Vizix Blade 2, and Magic Leap 2. The headsets remotely connect (like a Webex call) to a location with a Conference Room Base Station that creates a 3D Light Field Display of that room and the objects within it, which can then be interacted with by remote callers.  This new technology is based on holographic wavefront modulation, which means there are no hand-held gloves or devices required to interact, only your hands! 


Cisco Live! 2023 offered an immersive and enlightening experience, showcasing the future of IT in all its glory. The convention not only celebrated remarkable achievements in the field but provided a platform to explore the latest technologies, products, best practices, and innovations from Cisco Systems. From enabling autonomous vehicles to revolutionizing wireless connectivity, empowering smart buildings, streamlining IT operations with infrastructure as code, optimizing mass transit with Cisco solutions, and creating more engaging conference calls with holographic wavefront modulation, the event was a testament to the transformative power of technology. 

By attending Cisco Live!, Faith Group had the opportunity to witness firsthand the advancements that are shaping the IT landscape, as well as network with various Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE). We are excited to share our insights and discoveries. If you have questions about our insights from the Convention or IT advancements, our IT staff would love to hear from you!  

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