Faith Group Commissioning Manager Chris Fasano attended the Dedication & Open House on July 8, 2023, for the City of Ballwin’s new Police Department facility. The Department relocated to 302 Kehrs Mill Road, at the intersection of Kehrs Mill Road and Ballpark Drive. The new address was chosen to represent former Ballwin Police Officer Mike Flamion, who was present at the Dedication Ceremony. Flamion was wounded in the line of duty exactly five years prior on July 8, 2016. His serial number, 302, was incorporated into the new location’s address as a way to honor him and all he’s done for the City and the Department.

The new station features a full-service police outfit, including inmate processing and housing, detective headquarters with hard & soft interview spaces, evidence processing & storage, dispatch & 911 call center, and armory. The state-of-the-art facility also includes underground parking, modern facilities, an improved ventilation system, full ADA compliance, spacious fitness room, safer entryways for officers and visitors, and much more. Locker rooms are equipped with built-in charging for body cameras and advanced HVAC systems that circulate air and remove odors. This facility is designed and outfitted with equipment, systems, and spaces intended to house the Ballwin Police Force for decades of leading-edge service to the community.

Faith Group acted as the Commissioning Agent (Cx) on the project testing and monitoring the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, safety, access control, video surveillance, communications, and emergency power systems.

The total cost of the project was budgeted at $13.6M and came in under budget at $13.2M. Remarkably, new building was financed with no debt to the City, with funds coming from the City’s fund reserves and federal stimulus money. The commissioning process was instrumental in helping to deliver the project under budget through early involvement that allowed the majority of issues to be identified and mitigated before impactful cost requirements and change orders.

PM and Commissioning Agent (CxA) Chris Fasano