ST. LOUIS, MO. May 14, 2024 – Faith Group has partnered with Winsted, the global leader in configurable control room consoles and furniture, to outfit its newly constructed Test Lab at its headquarters in St. Louis, MO. The Faith Group Test Lab is a purpose-built environment designed to simulate clients’ environments, test new integrations, develop and carry out proofs of concepts, as well as provide a training environment for our Construction Administration (CA), Commissioning (Cx), and Professional Services (ProServe) staff. The Lab is managed by our ProServe Team who directly supports our clients in resolving their most difficult system challenges.

Winsted has equipped Faith Group with a 72-inch Pinnacle control room console that offers the peak operator experience. This will be the focal point of the physical lab space, which also serves as an AI Center of Excellence. Through their partnership, Winsted’s equipment will help Faith Group provide clients with a thorough, real-world understanding of their high-end products. With the new Security Operations Center style, the Pinnacle console from Winsted meets many of our client’s current requirements for their command and control spaces.

“Having Winsted’s Pinnacle control room console installed in our Lab will help us simulate our client’s everyday operational environment,” said Cary Gulsby, Faith Group’s Professional Services Manager. “Being one of the most commonly used product consoles we see in the industry, this gives us real-world experience in equipment testing and observing functionalities related to situational awareness.”

The Pinnacle console is an individual station, with each user getting their own space. This style allows operators an option to sit/stand, remaining active and engaged, and has other realized benefits related to health and ergonomics. Some additional features include a slide worksurface, open and fully accessible console footprint (allowing easy access for cable management), storage availability for an integrated 11U 19” rack, and an integrated LED motion-activated service light.

“Winsted is excited to be partnering with Faith Group to outfit its Lab with our latest control room console,” said Tracy Crocker, CEO of Winsted. “With technology evolving at such a rapid pace and technology investments increasing, we see the value in supporting a consultant that takes such a hands-on role in testing the products they recommend to clients.”

Pinnacle is crafted in a sleek, contemporary look with cutting-edge engineering and meticulous attention to detail. The state-of the-art console offers best-in-class cable management, with a plethora of connectivity options, integrated convenience outlets and ports, Qi wireless charging, the best mix of monitor arms and task lights, Personal Environmental Comfort system, and status lighting options. Pinnacle’s unique sliding worksurface features a Technology Tray. This hidden gem is an expansive cable management tray large enough to hold small electronics and Micro PCs. It features integrated AC power and a wide range of audiovisual (AV) and network connectivity, such as fiber optic and ethernet patches, USB connections, video connections, audio patch connections, and integrated USB-C power boasting 45 watts per junction – all of which are fully custom configured.

About Faith Group

Faith Group is a women-owned, full-service consulting firm specializing in security, IT, audiovisual, operational, and building systems. The firm provides planning, design & engineering, program management, and construction phase services for aviation, transit & rail, federal, state & local government, education, and commercial clients. Founded in 2004, Faith Group is headquartered in St. Louis, MO with eight regional offices across the United States. More information at

About Winsted

Winsted is the world leader in control room console solutions. Founded in 1963, Winsted has been a constant leader in product design and development. Winsted is made of a team of experts whose combined disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics, and interior design give the company the capabilities to create control room solutions that are both efficient and eye catching. Product concepts are consistently built and designed with customer input and recognition of industry needs and demands. Winsted’s approach to the modular system has become and industry standard while Winsted’s experience designing and developing specialized products enables the company to offer console and technical furniture solutions for any necessary application. More information at

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