Despite being available for the past 20 years and widely acknowledged in the industry, the challenging nature of the Aviation Security Professional Management (AVSEC PM) Course of study has limited graduates. This course is the most advanced aviation security training program in existence today which carries a formal designation, making it the first of its kind globally. The program is comprised of 70% security and 30% management devised for air transportation industry managers, or future managers, whose functions involve responsibilities in the area of aviation security. The main objective is to promote the use of management principles and best practices relevant to the field of AVSEC by applying innovative training strategies. 

After three months of taking the predominantly online and remote program, our Director of Security and Construction Services Joe Fallon is now an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Certified AVSEC PM! In fact, Joe is one of 1,143 ICAO AVSEC PMs in the world! With this certification, Joe now has specialized training focused on the evolving and critical area of aviation security and exclusive access to the AVSEC Professional Network – a collective of connected graduates and the source for practical and current industry learning material! 

ICAO produces global standards for aviation which all member states in the world comply with through their own regulatory bodies such as DHS/TSA. These global standards provide the foundation for what the industry is doing and ultimately where it is going. As a member of this select group, Joe has unprecedented insight into the future of aviation in the U.S. and will use that knowledge to help Faith Group stay at the forefront of these transitions. The structure of the global standards typically migrates from recommendations to standards over the course of several years, quicker if there is an immediate impact on global security identified. Understanding the foundations and intent of the global standards and having the knowledge of the recommendations coming will allow Faith Group to be much more proactive in our consulting services with our clients and allow us to future-proof designs and recommendations.