Air Force Civil Engineer Center

A/E IDIQ DCS Next Title I & II Pool 4 Worldwide, Altus AFB Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Altus, OK

Faith Group provided cybersecurity consulting to repair and replace key building systems in two buildings at the Altus Air Force Base (AAFB) in Oklahoma. The objective of the cybersecurity consultation was to provide review, analysis, and reporting to the design team so the appropriate cybersecurity controls could be incorporated and would be in alignment with the UFC 4-010-06 – Cybersecurity of Facility-Related Control, AFGM2019-32-02 – Air Force Guidance Memorandum, and Civil Engineering Controls Systems Cybersecurity. The controls also align with all pertinent government associated, related, or mandatory requirements. As a result, Faith Group built three custom system specifications to suit Altus AFB and coordinated with multiple trades to include the MEP/FP team. The C-17 Aircrew Training Center systems for cybersecurity consulting included HVAC and fire systems, and Bldg. 285 included HVAC, fire suppression, fire alarm control panels, and advanced lighting.