Great Rivers Greenway

Chain of Rocks Bridge & Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard Sites

St. Louis, MO and Madison, IL

Faith Group worked with Great Rivers Greenway (GRG) and City of St. Louis on the design of a new and expanded Mississippi Greenway at the Chain of Rocks Bridge site and a second site at Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard. Faith Group provided security system design, including new access control, video surveillance, and IT infrastructure needed to support future phases of work. The security systems are integrated into the overall GRG video monitoring and surveillance systems that will be used as a standard approach for future GRG projects. Our firm also provided construction administration services and technical support. Faith Group coordinated with multiple stakeholders, including agencies in both St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois, to transform an existing undeveloped site into a site capable of supporting the new park, designing communications and power for new utility services, and integrating security systems with existing providers.


“We’ve been working with community stakeholders since 2019 on a plan to restore natural ecosystems and add new features for visitors.”Susan Trautman, GRG CEO, St. Louis Post Dispatch – August 10, 2021

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