IL CDB - IL Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Operations Center, Upgrade Audiovisual Infrastructure

Springfield, IL

The current EOC is part of a 2-story facility constructed in 2005 located in Springfield, IL for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s use. This project will provide for a complete upgrade of the audiovisual (AV) systems in the EOC, including related spaces such as nuclear reactor monitoring, command center, server rooms, breakout rooms, and off-site backup facilities. The work also includes building renovations in affected rooms to provide more space and functionality.

Faith Group performed initial program analysis to determine the scope of AV Upgrades to the EOC and its supporting facilities. New large-scale video walls and video distribution technology are included in the design to support situational awareness. Supporting systems and infrastructure for the project include electrical, mechanical, furniture and architectural upgrades. Following analysis, design submittals and bid documents are part of the work performed. Faith Group will also assist with bid phase support and construction administration services through final closeout.