Illinois CDB, Chester Mental Health Center

Upgrade and Expand the CCTV System

Chester, IL

The Illinois State Chester Mental Health Center is one of the nation’s premier maximum and medium security mental health hospitals that provides care and treatment to adult males requiring an elevated level of structure and care. As such, the facility required comprehensive video surveillance (VSS) coverage. Faith Group designed a VSS to replace the current analog system to include operating software, servers, storage, and cameras to update the VSS as well as expand coverage in areas with patient access. When converting to the new VSS, Faith Group discovered that the facility required an upgraded network to support the new system. The firm worked with the client to find additional space to house the necessary equipment needed for the new system.

Since the facility is fully operational, once the construction phase began Faith Group configured the schedule to best collaborate with the facility’s operational schedule and its patients’ needs. Asbestos was discovered in the facility, which caused a small pushback to the project schedule. Faith Group remained flexible with the project schedule while the client worked to mitigate the asbestos issue.