Indiana Department of Transportation

Unmanned Aerial Systems Implementation

Indianapolis, IN

The State of Indiana had several departments using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) across the state for various purposes. The Department of Aviation saw the need for one consolidated operation manual for processes and procedures to ensure consistency in the operation of UAS within the state. Faith Group provided support to the prime firm for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to develop a strategic plan and concept of operations for Indiana’s UAS Program. The team created policies, procedures, and standards for INDOT to manage, share, and align with designated agencies throughout the state. The firm’s subject matter experts advised on safety/risk/security management for a range of use cases, existing INDOT IT systems, investments, and security protocols, as well as supported overall stakeholder engagement and advisory board meetings. Faith Group led development of the Safety Risk Management functions of Indiana’s operations manual and ensured proper testing of the assessment process to provide a consistent way to anticipate and manage risk.

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