Jefferson Public Water Supply District

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Arnold, MO

Faith Group worked with the Jefferson County Public Water Supply District (PWSD) to evaluate existing cybersecurity risks and threats and provide mitigation recommendations. The project’s goal was to ensure cybersecurity controls were in alignment with requirements for cybersecurity safeguards and certifications for business enterprise and process control systems found in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and American Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA).

Several challenges presented themselves throughout the duration of this project. First, Faith Group needed to translate the AWIA cybersecurity requirements into specific requirements for PWSD. Then, the team needed to evaluate what the district already had in place and identify where compliance gaps existed. In response, Faith Group devised a creative approach for PWSD to implement lost cost remediation plans/recommendations and a process to define the scope of potential projects considering the district’s very limited budget. Finally, Faith Group supported the client with the translation of terminology, so PWSD was fully informed to make the best decisions and act in a positive way to improve their cybersecurity posture and fulfill the imposed requirements and regulations.