Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Metro Center Street Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC)

Los Angeles, CA

This project includes planning and design efforts for a new design-build Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC), which integrates the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) into one facility.

Faith Group performed professional services for programming, design, and construction administration of the ESOC including a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA), integrated EOC/SOC concept of operations, and design of the telecommunications and site and building security systems. The TVA evaluated all assets including personnel, physical and intellectual property, customers/clients, brand name, and public confidence. Electronic security systems are designed to monitor the perimeter including building entry/exit doors, parking points of access, and mechanical yards.

A challenge that Faith Group overcame during the design phase came when the electrical team needed to redesign the building’s uninterruptable power supply to meet NEC 708 COPS (critical operations power systems). This required our team to conduct a late-stage design overhaul for the affected low voltage systems to meet the stringent design requirements, which were successfully incorporated by our design team.