Madison County Transit

Administration Building, East Alton Park & Ride

Pontoon Beach, IL

Faith Group provided design and consulting services for an entire Administration facility site overhaul with renovations to existing maintenance facilities, fueling stations, and a new administration building that houses operations and maintenance. The firm’s consulting services included alternatives analysis and recommendations for general site security and IT systems architecture. Faith Group provided design for all low voltage systems to include access control, video surveillance and analytics, intercom, data center and network IT infrastructure, telecom rooms, inside (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) cabling, VoIP integration, and perimeter barriers, vehicle gates and fence line. The firm was also responsible for designing the network migration of the entire Transit Agency’s operations mainframe. This task required migration of the administration building’s main server network to a centralized virtual hosting structure. Budgetary changes caused the team to pivot the design from a virtual to a physical hosting structure, and the team delivered the new design on time and in budget.

As a separate project, Faith Group provided physical security and network system design for a new Park & Ride facility. The project included a new site, parking lot, and a covered bus shelter (to include a waiting area, restroom, electrical and mechanical room, and IT and security room).


“The scope and scale of MCT services have changed quite a bit since our current site was designed and constructed 35 years ago…As a result, the needs for office, storage space, meeting areas, training, as well as safety and security have changed significantly.”MCT Managing Director SJ Morrison, MCT Press Release. June 30, 2022