Minneapolis International Airport

IT Continuing Consultant Services

St. Paul, MN

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) has partnered with Faith Group since 2007 to provide a wide variety of IT and security related professional services at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). The MAC has been an airport industry leader in customer service and passenger experience for decades. One of the major factors in their success has been taking a strategic approach to IT systems and infrastructure. Faith Group’s work with the MAC has been a major contributor in their recognition by industry organizations and airport excellence awards.

Faith Group works as the MAC trusted partner to accomplish current and future technology goals and helps manage the coordination and completion of IT initiatives in:

  • program and project management
  • IT planning and research studies
  • IT systems analysis and design
  • infrastructure and application development
  • disaster recovery and business continuity.

We also staff an on-site project management office (PMO) to directly support the work at the MAC. Projects under this contract have spanned technologies such as access control, wireless, video and analytics, wayfinding and dynamic signage, content and information management, passenger flow monitoring, business intelligence, GIS, information security, building automation, passenger and baggage processing, and others. Further, Faith Group has been a key contributor to the MAC’s plan to consolidate emergency response, security, and airport operations into one well-equipped and managed facility for their new North Star Center, a state-of-the-art public safety facility that will be the key service provider for public safety and passenger services.


“Through their multiple years of work here at Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), Faith Group has set an example to the many different firms we employ for customer service, flexibility in execution, and industry knowledge. Having worked directly with the firm on more than one occasion, we have witnessed a consistent attention to detail, and overall commitment to quality.”
Patrick Mylan, Public Safety System IT Manager – Metropolitan Airports Commission


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