National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Enterprise Building Integrator Replacement Study and Design for Wallops Command and Data Acquisition Station (WCDAS)

Wallops Island, VA

The NOAA Wallops Command and Data Acquisition Station (WCDAS) campus, located in a remote area on the eastern shore, consists of 38 buildings including Operations Building, Operations Back-up Facility (OBF), Utility Building, Facilities Maintenance Building, Powerhouse, and several Antenna Shelters and auxiliary buildings. The Operations Building is the central hub on campus and houses a 24/7 control center. The campus buildings have a variety of systems and equipment that require control and monitoring including building HVAC, electrical power, emergency backup, and central plant systems. Faith Group supported the prime and NOAA to replace the Building Management System while maintaining the continuity of operations at the WCDAS. This project included an assessment and validation of current conditions, Project Definition report, design of the replacement system, and construction administration support to help get the existing Honeywell system up to NOAA’s standards and become more user-friendly, which requires robust redundancy and backup systems.