Rung Ltd.

New Headquarters

St. Louis, MO

As a subconsultant, Faith Group provided technology, audiovisual (AV), MEP/FP design and consulting services for the Headquarters of Rung Ltd., a St. Louis non-profit organization. The project entailed renovation of the historic Fox Manufacturing Company Warehouse constructed in 1925, (while maintaining the historic character and meet zoning requirements for both the interior and exterior, as well as a new addition, demolition of three outbuildings and a portion of one-story of the existing building, and full site renovations. The new facility includes office space, medical clinic, daycare, gymnasium, multi-room conference spaces, commercial kitchen, and urban garden.  Faith Group designed the core technology (access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, AV, and network infrastructure), as well as new main distribution frame (MDF) to house incoming telecommunications services and independent distribution frame (IDF) to support switches and servers located on each floor of the facility.

One of the project challenges was a late-stage design change to ensure that proper infrastructure was in place to conduct remote meetings. This change occurred during the construction phase during the Covid-19 pandemic. Faith Group worked with Rung to reconfigure the original technology and AV design to support remote meetings and collaborations.


“This program is a game changer. These women need a hand up, not a handout. And here, they have like-minded women who can support and encourage them. There are lots of broken women out there who need positive role models, and only a month into the first cohort, members are telling me this is changing their life.”Leslie Gill, President, Ladue News, May 25, 2022


2021 Award, Runner-Up

- Build St. Louis