Springfield School District

Jefferson and Washington Middle Schools

Springfield, IL

Faith Group was selected to provide technology system design and construction administration services for two-story building additions at both Washington and Jefferson Middle Schools in Springfield. Each facility features classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, cafeteria, corridors, and support spaces. Technology systems included new IT and network distribution, voice/data/wireless access points, door access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, public address (PA), and classroom audiovisual (AV) systems. Faith Group worked closely with the school district and their existing vendors to address and upgrade existing infrastructure to support the new additions. The biggest challenge that Faith Group overcame was providing modern technology for the classrooms while simultaneously upgrading existing legacy systems to support new school building additions. This included network equipment upgrades and a new PA system headend to support expansion and add additional capability. These projects are part of School District 186’s initiative to create better facilities and more secure learning environments while addressing needed maintenance and life/safety issues.