St. Louis County

Government Building Feasibility Study Recommendations

Clayton, MO

Executive, and Assessor, as well as more than 700 County employees. County Officials were considering the feasibility of either renovating or demolishing and replacing the austere government building that has stood over downtown Clayton for nearly half a century. The building has experienced continuous renovations since inception, which has resulted in abandoned and decommissioned low voltage wiring within the ceiling plenum.

As a result, Faith Group provided expertise related to MEP, security, and communications systems to develop a full building assessment. An important part of the study was to determine if the ceiling grid would remain structurally sound under the weight of the existing wiring. This created tremendous challenges during the study when attempting to trace system components and determine existing conditions of building infrastructure. Our team developed and delivered a final report to help Officials determine the most beneficial renovations for the future building use and lifecycle. The County is still determining which of four options they will go with and are required to have the building up to code by 2028.

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