Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT)

IT Roadmap

Ithaca, NY

Faith Group developed an IT Roadmap and Strategic Plan (ITSP) for TCAT covering 30+ systems that was executed in multiple phases: existing conditions assessment, gap analysis, industry trends and best practices evaluation, and IT strategic plan and roadmap. The process included stakeholder engagement of the Administration, Financial, IT and Infrastructure, and Operational groups, along with the executive team. TCAT serves an array of passengers/riders with varying levels of technology exposure, so it was imperative that the technology roadmap considered providing services that were consumable to each rider.

The result of the ITSP was an executable roadmap that supports the expansion of the organization’s digital infrastructure to support world-class innovation in the future. Recommendations included benchmarking, roadmap and project pipeline, scoped initiatives, IT staffing and human capital analysis, and estimated costs. An application portfolio management (APM) system was also developed on the client’s SharePoint environment to create a living repository of all system information through a manageable and single source of record. We gave special consideration to dependencies and integrations with third parties such as local universities. As an example, student ID cards could potentially be leveraged for fare processing while trying to modernize backend fare collection systems.