USACE Norfolk

Arlington National Cemetery Southern Expansion Operations Complex

Arlington, VA

Faith Group provided electrical and low voltage system design and consulting services for the Arlington National Cemetery’s Southern Expansion program. The program includes design and construction of the South Parcel and Service Complex, which includes a new office building, warehouse, green-roof maintenance bays, and public parking garage. The expansion also integrates the United States Air Force Memorial with the cemetery and improves transportation and transit options within the Columbia Pike corridor. The cemetery expansion primarily consists of a new entrance and screening point for visitors, columbaria courts, and crypt installations. The low voltage systems design included telecommunication, access control, video surveillance, local area networks (LAN), and wired/fiber network infrastructure for the site and associated buildings, and electrical systems included power and lighting for the new parking garage.

Faith Group coordinated with various partners and key stakeholders that were working on another project to ensure a smooth transition when starting the Southern Expansion program and worked alongside federal, state, and local stakeholders so the project met necessary requirements. These organizations include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Air Force, Federal Highways Administration, and Virginia Dept. of Transportation, among others. The program had a fast-paced design phase, and multiple phases of work were required to achieve the construction schedule.


“As part of the Expansion Project, the Department of the Army and others worked to realign roads and real estate to ensure a much needed expansion of Arlington National Cemetery so that this space can continue being a hallowed resting ground for our nation’s service members.”G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney Eastern District of Virginia,, June 15, 2020


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