Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Integrated Training Center

Cheyenne, WY

Faith Group is part of the JV design team for a new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) Integrated Training Center (ITC), at F.E. Warren Air Force Base (AFB). The GBSD is a future American land-based ICBM, slated to replace the aging Minuteman III missiles, currently stationed in North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, and Colorado. The new two-story, 77,000 sf. ITC will provide the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) with a modern facility to train the warfighter in maintenance, operations, security forces, and cybersecurity functions within the overall GBSD mission. Faith Group leads the design team for electronic security (access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection), telecommunications, and low voltage systems (audiovisual and public address). Our firm provided construction design documents including engineering drawings and specifications.

The design team encountered unique communications challenges on this project due to the sensitive nature of the GBSD’s mission, and the restricted nature of design drawings. As the facility will include classified areas and networks, the team is not allowed to use common communications methods such as Bluebeam or BIM360. The team is required to manually share documents, which is necessary due to the enhanced level of physical and cybersecurity considerations.


“Fielding the nation’s next generation ICBM is a tremendous honor for our base. It is our duty to our nation to lead the way in fielding this new system so we can continue to provide preeminent nuclear combat capability for our Nation.”Col. Catherine Barrington, 90th Missile Wing commander,


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